Archaeological Zone, Ocosingo, Chis., 29950. Apartado Postal No. 22. Phone (919) 670 3413. Mobile phone 919 673 1224

Admittance and Services

Visiting hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 16:00. The $41 MXP fee includes the admission to the museum and the archaeological site. Children under 13, students, teachers and senior citizens presenting a valid ID do not pay. Free admission on Sunday. There is a $30 MXP fee if you are willing to shoot with a videocamera. Auditorium, bookstore, checkroom, parking lot.


The Tonina Archaeological Site Museum, inagurated in 2000, was built based on the Maya cosmogony, represented in the Popol Vuh. The halls were designed to honor the ideas of the Maya people about the creation of the world. The relations between agriculture and astronomy, important dates and architecture, among others, are reflected here. The collection of limestone relieves and sculptures, stelae and ceramic items is remarkable. There is a reproduction of the stucco mural relief that represents the Prehispanic concept of the four ages of humankind.

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